Heaven Help Us

by The Ghost In You

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"Heaven Help Us" is my third full-length album and by far my most personal and cohesive. The songs on this record all share a common theme. In many ways this entire album is a desperate plea and love letter to a lost love that has never gone away. Even the album title itself refers to my not being able to let go or accept the idea of giving up on each other.


released May 6, 2016

All songs written and recorded by the ghost in you.
Album cover by the ghost in you.

I would like to thank my late Mother who was the biggest fan of my art, no matter what it was. My Dad and Stepmom who were there for me in my darkest times and during the completion of this album. And lastly my friend, Kevin, who although I don't hear from much anymore has always been amazingly supportive, generous and helpful.
Thank you, guys.


To order a physical copy of this album: www.theghostinyou.net/2016/05/physical-cd-albums-now-available-to.html


all rights reserved



The Ghost In You Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

THE GHOST IN YOU is a musician from Philadelphia Pa. He writes and records everything at home in his bedroom.

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Track Name: Haunt You
I'm tired and empty, take me out.
When there's no longer fear or doubt,
Cut through as the blood on the blade drips down,
I'll know for sure.

In spite of everything you've said,
I do not wish you harm or death.
It's true, we both have the same regrets,
I know for sure.

There is no cure.
I don't wanna feel this anymore.
And when all this is through,
I pray that my ghost will haunt you.

When I no longer make a sound,
I'll rise up from the underground.
My ghost will follow you all around,
You'll know for sure.
You'll know for sure.

That there is no cure.
I don't wanna feel this anymore.
And when all this is through,
I pray that my ghost will haunt you,
Will haunt you.

I will haunt you, I will.
Track Name: Bag of Bones
Since the days are unwinding,
Can't we make them unravel slow?
And in the evening when you're asleep,
I am dreaming that I am home.

They can't see whats inside me,
Or do my cracks begin to show?
And in the evening when you're asleep,
I am dreaming that you won't let me go,
This worthless bag of bones.

Is it gone or just hiding?
All this searching does take its toll.
And in the evening when you're asleep,
I am dreaming that i will find a home,
That we are not alone,
A place to call my own,
To lay this bag of bones.

You could swallow the tide in,
In the wake of your undertow.
And in the evening when you're asleep,
I am dreaming,
So please don't shake me,
If you wake me,
It will break me.

I am dreaming,
And deceiving.
Yeah, I dove in,
Off the deep end.

So please don't shake me,
If you wake me,
Itwill break me.
Track Name: Ten Thirty One
All the trees
On my favorite street
Have indeed
Shed off their green leaves.

And when I sleep,
Yeah, oh, all I seem to dream are graves
And ghosts and 'trick or treat.'

Halloween, hello.
Halloween, hello, hello.

Searching for the keys.
Jamie Lee,
Please wake up Tommy.

I barely breathe
While the dead leaves in the street
Flow through the cool crisp autumn breeze.

Halloween, hello.
Halloween, hello.
Halloween, hello.
Halloween, hello, hello.
Track Name: Do or Die
I'm doing time,
Deep inside my mind.
I've got no alibi,
In this head of mine.

I can see it's waste of time.
If I think this through,
Then I won't even try.
Do or die.

I can't see a light,
In this dark depression.
This is not a ploy,
Or a plan for redemption.

I awake brighter than before.
No "you and I", that's the best thing, I believe.
I'm not losing sleep,
I'm not even weak.
Track Name: Fear the Fall
I lay alone at night,
And pray I'm coming home.
There's nothing left inside,
I'm only blood and bone.

Oh, please just take me home,
I won't give up this fight.
I'll bleed out all alone
If you're not here tonight.

You've got me dead to rights
And holding all the cards.
I'm waiting for the night
That you call off the guards.

Oh, even if it's safe,
Yea, we won't know for sure.
Don't leave this up to fate,
We're still worth fighting for.

Oh, Leena, we won't fear the fall.
Track Name: Long Before Computers
Take me back to Willow Grove
My heart belongs to Hatboro
And I don't wanna sit here in this room,
I am bored with parties and with you.

But I know that I'll be leaving here tonight with my pride.

Why can't we talk just like we did,
Like before when we were kids?
We'd laugh all night and hang out in the street
About stupid things and girls we wanna meet.

But I haven't spent a night like that with you for far too long.

I know they say that I'm no fun
And that I'm not like everyone,
But all you do is get fucked up anymore,
The same thing that you did the night before.

Sometimes I find it so hard to believe
That part of you was once a part of me,
When I look up at photos on my wall that you're in.
Maybe it was just time to grow up,
Or maybe you've just flat out given up,
Or maybe I just do not give a fuck, you'll say.

I am staring at this sky.
I am hoping I go blind.
I am watching you decline.
I am fine.

And I feel like standing up on a rock that hasn't sunk,
While I watch you floating by me.
With your head up to catch your breath,
I will kneel down to pull you in.
But I reach out and lose my grip, or did I?
Track Name: The Dying Tree
I've taken hold of what we had,
And won't let go of your heart and hand.

We'll fade and fall,
On the way there.
Our particles will float through the air.

And I will be the one,
Together on your knees.
And I will hold you close beneath the dying tree.

This way we go,
Heaven or bust.
Will we get there? No.
In time we must.

And I will be the one,
Together on your knees.
And I will hold you close beneath the dying tree.
Track Name: We Are Selfish
Save them from the dark in me.
Spare them from this misery.

They walk the earth on solid ground.
I won't give in,
I won't back down.

Vacant, dead behind the eyes and hollow,
dead on the inside.

And when I'm gone,
I won't be found.
I'll leave this world without a sound.

We are selfish in this moment
We are selfish long after we die.

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